Score-Sheet is the fully customizable Online Music Assessment Scoring System

for School Music Programs.


The system allows for full customization of score sheets - including criteria, points, and weights. Score-Sheet comes with pre-designed score sheets for every instrument and voice and is fully customizable. Other features such as “tie-breakers” and grading schematics make Score-Sheet a product like none see on the market before.


Assessment and Audition events include links sent to your students for video YouTube  recordings which appear on their score sheet - allowing Directors to assess remotely.


Score-Sheet is a very powerful tool that instantly ranks students by instrument or voice, section, ensemble, or program.  Encrypted student scores are stored throughout their school years. This allows directors to track trends, growth, strengths, weekends and total profiles of students, ensembles, programs and directors. Multiple numerical schematics can be use or customize by the user to calculate grades.


We recommend Score-Sheet users also purchase:

“Assessing Music Performance…A Valid System for Measuring Student Achievement and Growth” ©2019 by Kevin McNulty, Sr.



Kevin is a former band, orchestra and choir director with extensive judge-training and judging experience for over forty-years. His breakthrough system is unlike any approach to assessing performance-based music classes. Normally a $25 book, Score-Sheet customers can purchase the book for $15 with their Score-Sheet purchase. (Purchase must occur at the same time).


This system was designed based what you need and how we work in music performance classes. Directors will instantly recognize our process since the design was created in consultation with large and small programs accros the country.

Score-Sheet with Insta-Rank

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