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"I grew up in Momence, Illinois, the hometown of Lt. Pat O'Brien, our most famous war hero. My grandparents moved to Momence in the 1930s, and my dad built our home there in 1957. Their legacy and the legacy of my mother's family was the genesis of my interest in the past. After years as a business writer and publisher of business magazines,


I first published "Around Momence" in 2007. This led to a series of other books about Pat O'Brien, a project brought to me by my good friend Marcia Tedford and encouraged by our long-time former Mayor Rex Rowe who spent over two years in a prison camp during World War Two.


Today, my focus includes publishing other authors and organizations who enlightened our understanding of America and the world. My years in education, business and work in China give me a unique perspective of the importance of local, national and global legacy. Like all historians, I love the pursuit of our past because it reveals so much about our current time. I try to bring alive the great people who came before us and influenced our generation. I hope you enjoy our books."

Kevin McNulty, Sr

KMC Publishing Company

P.O. Box 1505

Matteson, IL 60443


McNulty is a band and orchestra director and clinician, speaker, band judge, local historian, publisher, educator, author, and musician.


His career also includes 20 years teaching music fulltime and over 30 years in business including extensive experience in China helping American companies sell to the Chinese. 


Today he owns a publishing company which publishes his books and digital products along with those of other authors including books for organizations. He is currently an adjunct faculty member at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, Illinois


"I do not remember a time in my life when music was not sounding around me and therefore echoing in my mind nearly every moment thereafter. For the first thirty-eight years of my life, a career in music was my one and sole focus. I spent fifteen years teaching it. By age thirty-eight, the routine of education drove me to business. It was here I first learned that the world was full of passionate people outside the world of music and education. Work was work and music would become my hobby.


But in the twenty-five years away from the classroom business gave me a lifetime of experiences that would stir my creativity and bring me to writing and music again. What kept me connected was my passion for performance perfection fulfilled through music adjudication for over forty years. I continue to pursue the completely transparent music performance to this day.


In 2011, I re-entered the classroom and was given the gift to teach again until 2016. It was here that I realized how far music assessment had drifted away from the tried and true principles taught to me many years ago by the masters of performance assessment.


These lifetime mentors welcomed me into the judging community in my youth. Today, I spend my time teaching teachers the method and telling the story of music assessment to young undergrads. Today's mission is to pass on the proven methods of assessing music performance in a way the assures its presence in the schools of America. 

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