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Robin Peddieson

Robin Peddieson was born and raised in a small farming community in Illinois. She's a country girl at heart and that explains her love of animals and mother nature. Horses were her passion but being older now, she'd rather be a spectator than a participant. Healing quickly when you're young is easy but not so much as one ages.


Although she's always loved writing, she never imagined that she'd write a book. Being a first time published author is by far her most exciting personal achievement. But, that doesn't diminish her hundreds of other lesser achievements accomplished through so many years of living. She has a complete and honest love of family and friends, new and old. To Robin, every day is a miracle and a gift never to be taken for granted. At the age of 72, she discovered an imagination that she didn't know she had and that's when "Princess" was born. She feels that better late than never applies here. She had no idea that retirement would be so much fun and satisfying beyond her expectations.

Sara Sanders is a successful clinical psychologist who often testifies as an expert witness in court. While walking out of the courtroom, she has an extraordinary encounter unlike anything she's ever experienced. No one else seems to see it. She felt as though she was being watched. She convinces herself that her mind is playing tricks on her. When she awakens the following morning, her body was achy, and she felt fatigued.


Today is the final day of the hearing she has been involved with. As she leaves the courtroom, she feels as though she is still being watched. The atmosphere around her is palpable, and she knows she just saw something. What was it? Why did no one else seem concerned with it?


The next morning, she found that her body hurt far more than the day before. Was her mind playing tricks on her? She had no idea as to why she was feeling this way, but she knew it was definitely time for some much-needed R and R. She decided a short vacation would do the trick.


That night, she woke up at 3:00 a.m. Unable to sleep, she decided to get up and read. She poured herself a glass Cabernet and then made herself comfortable on the sofa. After reading a few pages, she took a sip of her wine. After setting the glass back on the table, she realized that it wasn't her table. It wasn't her sofa! It wasn't even her apartment! From that point on, Sara's life became a mystery, and she needed to know what just happened.

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