No doubt if you’ve been asked these questions, your head went into a spin. We know that our subject matter is dramatically different from other nonperforming subjects, but how do we explain all this to an administrator with no music background and with state and local mandates to justify grading systems.


My book answers these questions. But it goes a few steps further. It shows you how you should be assessing music performance based on systems of adjudication that have been around for decades. You’ll learn how to judge like a judge and assess like an educator. But you’ll learn to do it in a way the makes sense in the music performance classroom. Finally, the most important thing is you’ll be able to explain to your administrator why we’re different, show him or her why our system is valid and why the assessment practices of non-performance classes – including general music - do not measure our desired outcomes.


I invite you to read the text. Beginning November 1, 2019, we will launch an inexpensive ONLINE COURSE that will also help you build your assessment – fully customized to your local school grading system.

Thank you for looking into my latest book on Assessment.


It’s a topic that is discussed a lot these days and, for the most part, band, orchestra and choir directors like you and I have been able to avoid the whole thing and “do our job” because administrators have “left us alone.”


But in recent years, administrators have been knocking on our rehearsal room door and asking, “How do you grade your kids?” What they’re really asking is, “How do your grade each individual kid?”

Forward by Greg Bimm, Director of Bands

Marian Catholic High School, Chicago Heights, Illinois

"I have known Kevin McNulty, Sr for nearly fifty years and have seen him in many roles- band director, orchestra director, businessman, non-profit administrator, performer and adjudicator.  He has been successful and inventive in every endeavor.  As a marching band director in the early 1980’s Kevin was composing original music for his band long before that was at all common.  He has been successful in small school situations as well as in a large more urban school.  Throughout his career, Kevin has been a “thinker” always looking for a “better way” and looking to organize and to solve problematic issues."


"In his new book, “Assessing Music Performance” Kevin McNulty uses research and his forty-plus years of experience to provide background, insight, information, and a plan for assessing music performance in today’s educational landscape.  Using the ideas and methods proposed here can provide a key to finding common ground between administrators’ “one size fits all” landscape and our quest to teach students to make, understand and love great music."


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