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Patricia Fointno

Patricia Fointno, musician, composer and author, currently resides in Arlington, Texas with her family: Erin, daughter and grandchildren Christian and Kaylie.  Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, she annually travels back to the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area to conduct various community music projects, including Community Hymn Fest Sing-a-long in Gary, Indiana.   She also gathered a national cadre of vocalists to perform in a classical concert at St. Iranaeus Catholic Church in Park Forest, Illinois. Patricia was the first female on the team of music writers gathered for the National Office of Black Catholics NOBC Workshop “Rejoice” held on the Howard University Campus in Washington, D.C. 


Ms. Fointno's celebrated setting of the “Alleluia” has been sung in churches throughout the United States and abroad. It has been used by Liturgical Training Publications as a training video, and is published by GIA Publishing. Patricia has collaborated with many musicians and composers including: Rawn Harbor, Leon Roberts, Kenny Louis, Derrick Campbell, Roderick Bell, Roger Holliman and was in concert with Jeanne Cotter at St. Raymond’s Catholic Church in Illinois.  She was guest accompanist for Dr. Oteal Sloan and the Sloan Singers in Concert at the Friendship Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia.


Cherrie and Dan White, her mother and father are with the ancestors and she carries them in her spirit.

In Musings of Love – Poetic Verse, Patricia Fointno captures the various orchestrations of love that permeate and intertwine in our lives becoming the life’s-blood of our existence. From a baby being swaddled by its Mother, to the first pull of a little girls’ braid by an infatuated boy, to the invitation to the school dance, to the first date, to the engagement, to the wedding and beyond…each stage presents a different facet of love. Like a diamond, love is multi-faceted.

As a creative, Patricia longs to embody the elements of poetry so that each word becomes a capsule of the totality of the emotion. Patricia believes that our Creator is the consummate artist and if we look to this source, we will be able to dip into the well-spring of creativity that is all around us. She is pleased to present this book and hopes you enjoy.
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