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KMC PUBLISHING publishes books by Kevin McNulty, Sr, We also produce books for organizations and individuals. We specialize in reprints of significant books that are either in the public domain or have issued us republishing rights. All books can also be obtained on Amazon. "Assessing Music Performance...A Valid System for Measuring Student Performance and Growth" is also available at J.W. Pepper. "Around Momence" is also available at Arcadia Publishing

Books by Kevin McNulty, Sr.
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Other  Momence Historians


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Patricia Fointno


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Blank Front Cover - with Text & Edition
"Barns of Kankakee County" - Second Edition
ISBN 978-0-9897965-9-0
With twenty-eight more pages and over 40 additional photos, "Barns of Kankakee County captures the family farms of this Illinois County which is dominated by one of the very few French-Canadian settlements in the Midwest.
Photos were taken in 2006 and 2007. Many of these old family farms are no longer standing. Great coffee table book or visual documentation of days gone by. 
Barns of Kankakee
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"Tales of an old Border Town and Along the Kankakee"
By Burt E. Burroughs
ISBN-13: 978-1-7324091-0-1

Burt E Boroughs’ definitive work on the origins of Momence, Illinois, “Tales of An Old “Border Town” and Along the Kankakee,” was written in 1925 and printed locally. The original was a hardcover book and had a red cover. Few are found today. Laced with much of the flowery language of the day, the work takes the reader back to a time when daily life was full of toil and routine tasks. The tannery, livery, the mill, and the Great Marsh were central to the economy of this frontier town. Burroughs lived during a time when the modern world was encroaching on a city full of old-timers - still around to talk about how the city began. His masterful telling of the early days of Momence will bring you back to those early pioneer days.

Burroughs Book
"Assessing Music Performance...
A Valid System for measuring Student Performance
and Growth"
By Kevin McNulty, Sr.
ISBN 13 978-0-9897965-8-3
“Assessing Music Performance…A Valid System for Measuring Student Performance and Growth” brings together the science of professional adjudication, acquired over more than forty years of application, with the science and art of assessing students in their pursue of musical agility, expression, and artistry.
A Kid from Momence...Growing up After the War
by Kevin McNulty, Sr.

ISBN 978-0-9897965-4-5

."A Kid from Momence - Growing Up after the War" is an overview of the long-lasting effects of World War II on the Baby Boomer Generation, generations since, and on countries across the globe. Based on the life experiences of a small-town Midwestern kid who grows up to become a business leader, “A Kid from Momence… Growing Up After the War” navigates the evolution of American industry, global business, politics, music, media, and education since the end of the war.


Lt. Pat O'Brien
by Kevin McNulty, Sr.

ISBN  10-0615852114


The amazing true story of a nearly forgotten World War I flying ace from the United States who flew for the British before America joined the war. He was among the very first pilots of the Army Signal Corps to test early Curtiss flying machines in 1916 on North Island at San Diego. North Island is now the U.S. Naval Base.  Shot down over Belgium in 1917, he crashed from 8,000 feet and survived. One month later he jumped from a moving prison train and escaped. He walked seventy-two days, over 250 miles behind enemy lines to freedom at the Holland and escaped. Arriving in London one week later, he visited King George in a private audience that lasted nearly one hour. During his six months recovering in London, he penned a best-selling book about his escape and spent all of 1918 speaking all over the United States

Outwitting the Hun
by Pat O'Brien (1918)

ISBN 13: 0989796507 / 9780989796507 2013

This is the story of Pat O'Brien's escape from German hands told in his own words. Shot down from 8,000 feet, he was capture by the Germans and escaped by jumping from a moving prison train. He walked seventy-two days through Western Europe to Holland and freedom. A national hero, he was America's top speaker in 1918. Pat's comments in the press after the war told much more than he could write in 1918. In his book, "Lt. Pat O'Brien, "Kevin McNulty tells Pat's entire story including Pat's climb to fame and untimely death, "Outwitting the Hun" is, however, very important to appreciate Pat's ordeal  as told in 1918 in his own words.


Barns of Kankakee County
by Kevin McNulty, Sr.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9897965-1-4

"Barns of Kankakee County" is a pictorial essay about the barns and structures built by original farmers who settled in Kankakee County, Illinois. The photos depict structures over hundred years old, in disrepair or abandoned. The photographs with accompanying reflections are intended to reveal the aesthetic nature of these structures and their reflective character.


Finding Pat O'Brien

by Kevin McNulty, Sr.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9897965-2


This book presents detailed evidence, photos, documents and newspaper clippings used as a basis for the novel "Lt. Pat O'Brien," by Kevin McNulty, Sr. and his research partner Marica Tedford. O'Brien was an American World War I pilot who flew for the RAF before America had an air force. The book shows never before seen photos of Pat's life including the discovery of his daughter, which  Pat never knew existed. One hundred years later, the previously unknown decendants of Pat O'Brien came forth to author Kevin McNulty, Sr.


The Making of a River Town

by Kay Hess

ISBN: 978-0-9897965-6-9

Before Kay Hess' book, written for the 1984 Sesquicentennial, the definitive history of Momence was Burt Borrough's, "Tails of an Old Border Town and Along the Kankakee," published in 1925. In Kay Hess' book Momence…The Making of a River Town, published in 1985, Kay adds detail to Borrough's work and extends well beyond 1925.  Our republished edition is a new easy to read format and all 175 photos have been enhanced revealing detail unavailable in the 1985 publication.

Around Momence
by Kevin McNulty, Sr.

ISBN: 9780738551289  (Arcadia Publishing) 2007

The city of Momence owes its origins to the flow of the Kankakee River through eastern Kankakee County. This diverse tributary linked marshy areas in Indiana to the adjacent fertile fields on the Illinois side. Momence became a beacon, providing traders with the latest conveniences and a break from the frontier. Years later, the historic Dixie Highway crossed the river at Momence, assuring a modern era for the city.  Book contains historical photos and detailed captions.

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